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  • Title: Henry VI, Part 2 (Quarto 1, 1594)

  • Copyright Internet Shakespeare Editions. This text may be freely used for educational, non-proift purposes; for all other uses contact the Coordinating Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Not Peer Reviewed

    Henry VI, Part 2 (Quarto 1, 1594)

    The first part of the contention of the two famous
    But I am troubled here with them my selfe,
    The Rebels haue attempted to win the Tower,
    But get you to Smythfield and gather head,
    2610And thither I will send you Mathew Goffe,
    Fight for your King, your Country, and your liues,
    And so farewell, for I must hence againe.
    2612.1Exet omnes.
    Enter Iacke Cade and the rest and strikes his sword
    vpon London stone.
    2615Cade. Now is Mortemer Lord of this Citie,
    And now sitting vpon London stone, We command,
    That the first yeare of our raigne,
    The pissing Cundit run nothing but red wine.
    2620And now hence forward, it shall be treason
    For any that calles me any othervvise then
    2621.1Lord Mortemer.
    Enter a souldier.
    Sould. Iacke Cade, Iacke Cade.
    Cade. Sounes, knocke him dovvne. (They kill him.
    Dicke. My Lord, theirs an Army gathered togither
    Into Smythfield.
    Cade. Come then, lets go fight with them,
    2630But first go on and set London bridge a fire,
    And if you can, burne dovvne the Tovver too.
    Come lets avvay. Exet omnes.
    Alarmes, and then Mathew Goffe is slaine, and all the
    rest vvith him. Then enter Iacke Cade a-
    2634.1gain, and his company.
    2635Cade. So, sirs novv go some and pull dovvn the Sauoy,
    Others to the Innes of the Court, dovvne vvith them all.
    Dicke. I haue a sute vnto your Lordship.
    Cade. Be it a Lordship Dicke, and thou shalt haue it
    For that vvord.
    2640Dicke. That vve may go burne all the Records,
    And that all vvriting may be put dovvne,
    And nothing vsde but the score and the Tally.
    Cade. Dicke it shall be so, and henceforvvard all things shall be
    2651.1in common, and in Cheapeside shall my palphrey go to grasse.