Internet Shakespeare Editions

Citing the ISE

All content on this site is suitable for citing in academic work. Friends of the ISE can access a formatted citation of each page from the Toolbox. 

Citing in MLA Style has become less complex and easier to follow with changes from the eighth edition. Now, all sources can be cited in a uniform way. If a citation element is unknown (e.g. the author), it can be omitted and the citation will begin with the next element on the list (e.g. title). Other changes to citation style include the replacement of periods with commas in the works cited entries, and the extension of abbreviations like "ed." to "edited by." The new MLA format for citing web pages is as follows:


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Shakespeare, William. As You Like It. Internet Shakespeare Editions, edited by David Bevington, modern ed., University of Victoria, 28 Sept. 2016, Accessed 30 Sept. 2016. 

These guidelines come from: MLA Handbook. 8th ed., The Modern Language Association of America, 2016.