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  • Title: Othello (Quarto 1, 1622)
  • Editor: Donald Bailey
  • ISBN: 978-1-55058-466-0

    Copyright Internet Shakespeare Editions. This text may be freely used for educational, non-proift purposes; for all other uses contact the Coordinating Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editor: Donald Bailey
    Peer Reviewed

    Othello (Quarto 1, 1622)

    The Tragedy of Othello

    Oth. I would haue him nine yeares a killing; a fine woman, a faire
    woman, a sweete woman.
    2565Iag. Nay you must forget.
    Oth. And let her rot and perish, and be damb'd to night, for she
    shall not liue: no, my heart is turn'd to stone; I strike it, and it hurts
    my hand: O the world has not a sweeter creature, she might lie by
    an Emperours side, and command him taskes.
    Iag. Nay that's not your way.
    Oth. Hang her, I doe but say what she is: So delicate with her
    needle, an admirable musition, O shee will sing the sauagenesse
    out of a Beare; of so hye and plentious wit and inuention.
    Iag. Shee's the worse for all this.
    Oth. A thousand thousand times: and then of so gentle a con-
    Iag. I, too gentle.
    2580Oth. I that's certaine, but yet the pitty of it Iago, the pitty.
    Ia. If you be so fond ouer her iniquity, giue her patent to offend,
    for if it touches not you, it comes neere no body.
    Oth. I will chop her into messes ---cuckold me!
    Iag. O tis foule in her.
    Oth. With mine Officer.
    Iag. That's fouler.
    2590Oth. Get me some poison Iago, this night I'le not expostulate
    with her, lest her body and beauty vnprouide my minde agen, this
    night Iago.
    Iag. Doe it not with poison, strangle her in her bed, euen the
    bed she hath contaminated.
    2595Oth. Good, good, the iustice of it pleases very good.
    Iag. And for Cassio, let me bee his vndertaker: you shall heare
    more by midnight. A Trumpet.

    Enter Lodouico, Desdemona, and Attendants.

    2600Oth. Excellent good:
    What Trumpet is that same?
    Iag. Something from Venice sure, tis Lodouico,
    Come from the Duke, and see your wife is with him.