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  • Title: Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

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    Author: William Shakespeare
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    Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

    The Two Noble Kinsmen.
    At the sharpe Rowell, which he freats at rather
    Then any jot obaies; seekes all foule meanes
    Of boystrous and rough Iadrie, to dis-seate
    3265His Lord, that kept it bravely: when nought serv'd,
    When neither Curb would cracke, girth breake nor diffring(plunges
    Dis-roote his Rider whence he grew, but that
    He kept him tweene his legges, on his hind hoofes
    on end he stands
    3270That Arcites leggs being higher then his head
    Seem'd with strange art to hang: His victors wreath
    Even then fell off his head: and presently
    Backeward the Iade comes ore, and his full poyze
    Becomes the Riders loade: yet is he living,
    3275But such a vessell tis, that floates but for
    The surge that next approaches: he much desires
    To have some speech with you: Loe he appeares.
    Enter Theseus, Hipolita, Emilia, Arcite, in a chaire.
    Pal. O miserable end of our alliance
    3280The gods are mightie Arcite, if thy heart,
    Thy worthie, manly heart be yet unbroken:
    Give me thy last words, I am Palamon,
    One that yet loves thee dying.
    Arc. Take Emilia
    3285And with her, all the worlds joy: Reach thy hand,
    Farewell: I have told my last houre; I was false,
    Yet never treacherous: Forgive me Cosen:
    One kisse from faire Emilia: Tis done:
    Take her: I die.
    3290Pal. Thy brave soule seeke Elizium.
    Emil. Ile close thine eyes Prince; blessed soules be with(thee,
    Thou art a right good man, and while I live,
    This day I give to teares.
    Pal. And I to honour.
    3295Thes. In this place first you fought: ev'n very here
    I sundred you, acknowledge to the gods
    Our thankes that you are living:
    His part is playd, and though it were too short
    He did it well: your day is lengthned, and,