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  • Title: Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

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    Author: William Shakespeare
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    Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

    The Two Noble Kinsmen.
    And when you barke doe it with judgement.
    Bau. Yes Sir.
    1635Sch. Quo usque taudem. Here is a woman wanting
    4. We may goe whistle: all the fat's i'th fire.
    Sch. We have,
    As learned Authours utter, washd a Tile,
    We have beene fatuus, and laboured vainely.
    16402. This is that scornefull peece, that scurvy hilding
    That gave her promise faithfully, she would be here,
    Cicely the Sempsters daughter:
    The next gloves that I give her shall be dog skin;
    Nay and she faile me once, you can tell Arcas
    1645She swore by wine, and bread, she would not breake.
    Sch. An Eele and woman,
    A learned Poet sayes: unles by'th taile
    And with thy teeth thou hold, will either faile,
    In manners this was false position
    16501. A fire ill take her; do's she flinch now?
    3. What
    Shall we determine Sir?
    Sch. Nothing,
    Our busines is become a nullity
    1655Yea, and a woefull, and a pittious nullity.
    4. Now when the credite of our Towne lay on it,
    Now to be frampall, now to pisse o'th nettle,
    Goe thy waies, ile remember thee, ile fit thee,
    Enter Iaylors daughter.
    The George alow, came from the South, from
    The coast of Barbary a.
    And there he met with brave gallants of war
    By one, by two, by three, a
    1665 Well haild, well haild, you jolly gallants,
    Chaire and
    stooles out.
    And whither now are you bound a
    O let me have your company till come to the sound a
    There was three fooles, fell out about an howlet
    The one sed it was an owle
    1670The other he sed nay,
    The third he sed it was a hawke, and her bels wer cut away.
    3. Ther's