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  • Title: Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

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    Author: William Shakespeare
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    Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

    The Two Noble Kinsmen.
    Daugh. I can sing twenty more.
    Bro. I thinke you can,
    Daugh. Yes truely can I, I can sing the Broome,
    2280And Bony Robin. Are not you a tailour?
    Bro. Yes,
    Daugh. Wher's my wedding Gowne?
    Bro. Ile bring it to morrow.
    Daugh. Doe, very rarely, I must be abroad else
    2285To call the Maides, and pay the Minstrels
    For I must loose my Maydenhead by cocklight
    Twill never thrive else.
    O faire, oh sweete, &c. Singes.
    Bro. You must ev'n take it patiently.
    2290Iay. Tis true,
    Daugh. Good'ev'n, good men, pray did you ever heare
    Of one yong Palamon?
    Iay. Yes wench we know him.
    Daugh. Is't not a fine yong Gentleman?
    2295Iay. Tis, Love.
    Bro. By no meane crosse her, she is then distemperd
    For worse then now she showes.
    1. Fr. Yes, he's a fine man.
    Daugh. O, is he so? you have a Sister.
    23001. Fr. Yes.
    Daugh. But she shall never have him, tell her so,
    For a tricke that I know, y'had best looke to her,
    For if she see him once, she's gone, she's done,
    And undon in an howre. All the young Maydes
    2305Of our Towne are in love with him, but I laugh at 'em
    And let 'em all alone, Is't not a wise course?
    1. Fr. Yes.
    Daugh. There is at least two hundred now with child(by him,
    There must be fowre; yet I keepe close for all this,
    2310Close as a Cockle; and all these must be Boyes,
    He has the tricke on't, and at ten yeares old
    They must be all gelt for Musitians,
    And sing the wars of Theseus.
    2. Fr. This is strange.
    I3 Daugh.