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  • Title: Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

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    Author: William Shakespeare
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    Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

    The Two Noble Kinsmen.
    Then I will trust a sickely appetite,
    That loathes even as it longs; but sure my Sister
    If I were ripe for your perswasion, you
    Have saide enough to shake me from the Arme
    550Of the all noble Theseus, for whose fortunes,
    I will now in, and kneele with great assurance,
    That we, more then his Pirothous, possesse
    The high throne in his heart.
    Emil. I am not against your faith,
    555Yet I continew mine. Exeunt.
    Scaena 4. A Battaile strooke withim: Then a Retrait: Florish.
    Then Enter Theseus (victor) the three Queenes meete him,
    and fall on their faces before him.

    5601. Qu. To thee no starre be darke.
    2. Qu. Both heaven and earth
    Friend thee for ever.
    3. Qu. All the good that may
    Be wishd upon thy head, I cry Amen too't.
    565Thes. Th'imparciall Gods, who from the mounted hea-(vens
    View us their mortall Heard, behold who erre,
    And in their time chastice: goe and finde out
    The bones of your dead Lords, and honour them
    With treble Ceremonie, rather then a gap
    570Should be in their deere rights, we would suppl'it.
    But those we will depute, which shall invest
    You in your dignities, and even each thing
    Our hast does leave imperfect; So adiew
    And heavens good eyes looke on you, what are those?
    575Exeunt Queenes.
    Herald. Men of great quality, as may be judgd
    By their appointment; Some of Thebs have told's
    They are Sisters children, Nephewes to the King.
    Thes. By'th Helme of Mars, I saw them in the war,
    580Like to a paire of Lions, succard with prey,
    Make lanes in troopes agast. I fixt my note
    Constantly on them; for they were a marke