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  • Title: Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

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    Author: William Shakespeare
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    Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

    The Two Noble Kinsmen.
    Regiment; I have seene it approved, how many times
    2620I know not, but to make the number more, I have
    Great hope in this. I will betweene the passages of
    This project, come in with my applyance: Let us
    Put it in execution; and hasten the successe, which doubt not
    Will bring forth comfort. Florish. Exeunt.

    2625Actus Quintus.

    Scaena 1. Enter Thesius, Perithous, Hipolita, attendants.
    Thes. Now let 'em enter, and before the gods
    Tender their holy prayers: Let the Temples
    Burne bright with sacred fires, and the Altars
    2630In hallowed clouds commend their swelling Incense
    To those above us: Let no due be wanting,
    Florish of Cornets.
    They have a noble worke in hand, will honour
    The very powers that love 'em.
    2635Enter Palamon and Arcite, and their Knights.
    Per. Sir they enter.
    Thes. You valiant and strong harted Enemies
    You royall German foes, that this day come
    To blow that nearenesse out that flames betweene ye;
    2640Lay by your anger for an houre, and dove-like
    Before the holy Altars of your helpers
    (The all feard gods) bow downe your stubborne bodies,
    Your ire is more than mortall; So your helpe be,
    And as the gods regard ye, fight with Iustice,
    2645Ile leave you to your prayers, and betwixt ye
    I part my wishes.
    Per. Honour crowne the worthiest.
    Exit Theseus, and his traine.
    Pal. The glasse is running now that cannot finish
    2650Till one of us expire: Thinke you but thus,
    That were there ought in me which strove to show
    Mine enemy in this businesse, wer't one eye
    Against another: Arme opprest by Arme: