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  • Title: Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

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    Author: William Shakespeare
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    Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

    The Two Noble Kinsmen.
    3. Ther's a dainty mad woman Mr. comes i'th Nick as
    mad as a march hare: if wee can get her daunce, wee are
    made againe: I warrant her, shee'l doe the rarest gambols.
    16751. A mad woman? we are made Boyes.
    Sch. And are you mad good woman?
    Daugh. I would be sorry else,
    Give me your hand.
    Sch. Why?
    1680Daugh. I can tell your fortune.
    You are a foole: tell ten, I have pozd him: Buz
    Friend you must eate no white bread, if you doe
    Your teeth will bleede extreamely, shall we dance ho?
    I know you, y'ar a Tinker: Sirha Tinker
    1685Stop no more holes, but what you should.
    Sch. Dij boni. A Tinker Damzell?
    Daug, Or a Conjurer: raise me a devill now, and let him(play
    Quipassa, o'th bels and bones.
    Sch, Goe take her, aud fluently perswade her to a peace:
    1690Et opus exegi, quod nec Iouis ira, nec ignis.
    Strike up, and leade her in.
    2, Come Laste, lets trip it.
    Daugh. Ile leade. (Winde Hornes:
    3. Doe, doe.
    1695Sch. Perswasively, and cunningly: away boyes,
    Ex. all but Schoolemaster.
    I heare the hornes: give me some
    Meditation, and marke your Cue;
    Pallas inspire me.
    1700Enter Thes. Pir. Hip. Emil. Arcite: and traine.
    Thes. This way the Stag tooke.
    Sch. Stay, and edifie.
    Thes. What have we here?
    Per. Some Countrey sport, upon my life Sir.
    1705Per. Well Sir, goe forward, we will edifie.
    Ladies sit downe, wee'l stay it.
    Sch. Thou doughtie Duke all haile: all haile sweet (Ladies.
    Thes. This is a cold beginning.
    Sch. If you but favour; our Country pastime made is,
    G3 We