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  • Title: Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

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    Author: William Shakespeare
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    Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

    The Two Noble Kinsmen.
    Will I file off, you shall have garments, and
    1405Perfumes to kill the smell o'th prison, after
    When you shall stretch your selfe, and say but Arcite
    I am in plight, there shall be at your choyce
    Both Sword, and Armour.
    Pal. Oh you heavens, dares any
    1410So noble beare a guilty busines! none
    But onely Arcite, therefore none but Arcite
    In this kinde is so bold.
    Arc. Sweete Palamon.
    Pal. I doe embrace you, and your offer, for
    1415Your offer doo't I onely, Sir your person
    Without hipocrisy I may not wish
    Winde hornes of Cornets.
    More then my Swords edge ont.
    Arc. You heare the Hornes;
    1420Enter your Musicke least this match between's
    Be crost, er met, give me your hand, farewell.
    Ile bring you every needfull thing: I pray you
    Take comfort and be strong.
    Pal. Pray hold your promise;
    1425And doe the deede with a bent brow, most crtaine
    You love me not, be rough with me, and powre
    This oile out of your language; by this ayre
    I could for each word, give a Cuffe: my stomach
    not reconcild by reason,
    1430Arc. Plainely spoken,
    Yet pardon me hard language, when I spur
    Winde hornes.
    My horse, I chide him not; content, and anger
    In me have but one face. Harke Sir, they call
    1435The scatterd to the Banket; you must guesse
    I have an office there.
    Pal. Sir your attendance
    Cannot please heaven, and I know your office
    Vnjustly is atcheev'd.
    1440Arc. If a good title,
    I am perswaded this question sicke between's,