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  • Title: Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

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    Author: William Shakespeare
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    Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

    The Two Noble Kinsmen. 6]
    Ly blistring fore the visitating Sunne,
    210And were good Kings, when living.
    Thes. It is true. and I will give you comfort,
    To give your dead Lords graves:
    The which to doe, must make some worke with Creou;
    1. Qu. And that worke presents it selfe to'th doing:
    215Now twill take forme, the heates are gone to morrow.
    Then, booteles toyle must recompence it selfe,
    With it's owne sweat; Now he's secure,
    Not dreames, we stand before your puisiance
    Wrinching our holy begging in our eyes
    220To make petition cleere.
    2. Qu. Now you may take him,
    Drunke with his victory.
    3. Qu. And his Army full
    Of Bread, and sloth.
    225Thes. Artesuis that best knowest
    How to draw out fit to this enterpise,
    The prim'st for this proceeding, and the number
    To carry such a businesse, forth and levy
    Our worthiest Instruments, whilst we despatch
    230This grand act of our life, this daring deede
    Of Fate in wedlocke.
    1. Qu. Dowagers, take hands
    Let us be Widdowes to our woes, delay
    Commends us to a famishing hope.
    235All. Farewell.
    2. Qu. We come unseasonably: But when could greefe
    Cull forth as unpanged judgement can, fit'st time
    For best solicitation.
    Thes. Why good Ladies,
    240This is a service, whereto I am going,
    Greater then any was; it more imports me
    Then all the actions that I have foregone,
    Or futurely can cope.
    1. Qu. The more proclaiming
    245Our suit shall be neglected, when her Armes
    Able to locke Iove from a Synod, shall