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  • Title: Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

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    Author: William Shakespeare
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    Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

    The Two Noble Kinsmen.
    Scaena 3. Enter Theseus, Hipolita, Emilia, Perithous: and
    some Attendants, T. Tucke: Curtis.
    Emil. Ile no step further.
    Per. Will you loose this sight?
    3000Emil. I had rather see a wren hawke at a fly
    Then this decision ev'ry; blow that falls
    Threats a brave life, each stroake laments
    The place whereon it fals, and sounds more like
    A Bell, then blade: I will stay here,
    3005It is enough my hearing shall be punishd,
    With what shall happen, gainst the which there is
    No deaffing, but to heare; not taint mine eye
    With dread sights, it may shun.
    Pir. Sir, my good Lord
    3010Your Sister will no further.
    Thes. Oh she must.
    She shall see deeds of honour in their kinde,
    Which sometime show well pencild. Nature now
    Shall make, and act the Story, the beleife
    3015Both seald with eye, and eare; you must be present,
    You are the victours meede, the price, and garlond
    To crowne the Questions title.
    Emil. Pardon me,
    If I were there, I'ld winke
    3020Thes. You must be there;
    This Tryall is as t'wer i'th night, and you
    The onely star to shine.
    Emil. I am extinct,
    There is but envy in that light, which showes
    3025The one the other: darkenes which ever was
    The dam of horrour, who do's stand accurst
    Of many mortall Millions, may even now
    By casting her blacke mantle over both
    That neither could finde other, get her selfe
    3030Some part of a good name, and many a murther
    Set off wherto she's guilty.
    Hip. You must goe.
    Emil, In faith I will not.