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  • Title: Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

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    Author: William Shakespeare
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    Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

    The Two Noble Kinsmen.
    Pal. Looke to thine owne well Arcite.
    Fight againe. Hornes.
    1940Enter Theseus, Hipolita, Emilia, Perithous and traine.
    Theseus. What ignorant and mad malicious Traitors,
    Are you? That gainst the tenor of my Lawes
    Are making Battaile, thus like Knights appointed,
    Without my leave, and Officers of Armes?
    1945By Castor both shall dye.
    Pal. Hold thy word Theseus,
    We are certainly both Traitors, both despisers
    Of thee, and of thy goodnesse: I am Palamon
    That cannot love thee, he that broke thy Prison,
    1950Thinke well, what that deserves; and this is Arcite
    A bolder Traytor never trod thy ground
    A Falser neu'r seem'd friend: This is the man
    Was begd and banish'd, this is he contemnes thee
    And what thou dar'st doe; and in this disguise
    1955Against this owne Edict followes thy Sister,
    That fortunate bright Star, the faire Emilia
    Whose servant, (if there be a right in seeing,
    And first bequeathing of the soule to) justly
    I am, and which is more, dares thinke her his.
    1960This treacherie like a most trusty Lover,
    I call'd him now to answer; if thou bee'st
    As thou art spoken, great and vertuous,
    The true descider of all injuries,
    Say, Fight againe, and thou shalt see me Theseus
    1965Doe such a Iustice, thou thy selfe wilt envie,
    Then take my life, Ile wooe thee too't.
    Per. O heaven,
    What more then man is this!
    Thes. I have sworne.
    1970Arc. We seeke not
    Thy breath of mercy Theseus, Tis to me
    A thing as soone to dye, as thee to say it,
    And no more mov'd: where this man calls me Traitor,
    Let me say thus much; if in love be Treason,
    1975In service of so excellent a Beutie,