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  • Title: Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

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    Author: William Shakespeare
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    Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

    The Two Noble Kinsmen.
    I could doombe neither, that which perish'd should
    Goe too't unsentenc'd: Therefore most modest Queene,
    He of the two Pretenders, that best loves me
    And has the truest title in't, Let him
    2810Take off my wheaten Gerland, or else grant
    The fyle and qualitie I hold, I may
    Continue in thy Band.
    Here the Hynde vanishes under the Altar: and in the
    place ascends a Rose Tree, having one Rose upon it.
    2815See what our Generall of Ebbs and Flowes
    Out from the bowells of her holy Altar
    With sacred act advances: But one Rose,
    If well inspird, this Battaile shal confound
    Both these brave Knights, and I a virgin flowre
    2820Must grow alone unpluck'd.
    Here is heard a sodaine twang of Instruments, and the
    Rose fals from the Tree.
    The flowre is falne, the Tree descends: O Mistris
    Thou here dischargest me, I shall be gather'd,
    2825I thinke so, but I know not thine owne will;
    Vnclaspe thy Misterie: I hope she's pleas'd,
    Her Signes were gratious.
    They curtsey and Exeunt.
    Scaena 2. Enter Doctor, Iaylor and Wooer, in habite of
    Doct. Has this advice I told you, done any good upon her?
    Wooer. O very much; The maids that hept her company
    Have halfe perswaded her that I am Palamon; within this
    Halfe houre she came smiling to me, and asked me what I
    2835Would eate, and when I would kisse her: I told her
    Presently, and kist her twice.
    Doct. Twas well done; twentie times had bin far better,
    For there the cure lies mainely.
    Wooer. Then she told me
    2840She would watch with me to night, for well she knew
    What houre my fit would take me.
    Doct. Let her doe so,
    And when your fit comes, fit her home,
    L2 And