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  • Title: Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

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    Author: William Shakespeare
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    Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

    The Two Noble Kinsmen.
    Emil. By that you would have pitty in another,
    2015By your owne vertues infinite.
    Hip. By valour,
    By all the chaste nights I have ever pleasd you.
    Thes. These are strange Conjurings.
    Per. Nay then Ile in too: By all our friendship Sir, by all(our dangers,
    2020By all you love most, warres; and this sweet Lady.
    Emil. By that you would have trembled to deny
    A blushing Maide.
    Hip. By your owne eyes: By strength
    In which you swore I went beyond all women,
    2025Almost all men, and yet I yeelded Theseus.
    Per. To crowne all this; By your most noble soule
    Which cannot want due mercie, I beg first.
    Hip. Next heare my prayers.
    Emil. Last let me intreate Sir.
    2030Per. For mercy.
    Hip. Mercy.
    Emil. Mercy on these Princes.
    Thes. Ye make my faith reele: Say I felt
    Compassion to 'em both, how would you place it?
    2035Emil. Vpon their lives: But with their banishments.
    Thes. You are a right woman, Sister; you have pitty,
    But want the vnderstanding where to use it.
    If you desire their lives, invent a way
    Safer then banishment: Can these two live
    2040And have the agony of love about 'em,
    And not kill one another? Every day
    The'yld fight about yov; howrely bring your honour
    In publique question with their Swords; Be wise then
    And here forget 'em; it concernes your credit,
    2045And my oth equally: I have said they die,
    Better they fall by 'th law, then one another.
    Bow not my honor.
    Emil. O my noble Brother,
    That oth was rashly made, and in your anger,
    2050Your reason will not hold it, if such vowes
    Stand for expresse will, all the world must perish.