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  • Title: Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

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    Author: William Shakespeare
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    Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

    The Two Noble Kinsmen.
    Has made so faire a choice.
    Daugh. Doe you thinke hee'l have me?
    2960Doctor. Yes without doubt.
    Daugh. Doe you thinke so too?
    Iaylor. Yes.
    Daugh. We shall have many children: Lord, how y'ar(growne,
    My Palamon I hope will grow too finely
    2965Now he's at liberty: Alas poore Chicken
    He was kept downe with hard meate, and ill lodging
    But ile kisse him up againe.
    Enter a Messenger.
    Mess. What doe you here, you'l loose the noblest sight
    2970That ev'r was seene.
    Iaylor. Are they i'th Field?
    Mess. They are
    You beare a charge there too.
    Iaylor. Ile away straight
    2975I must ev'n leave you here.
    Doctor. Nay wee'l goe with you,
    I will not loose the Fight.
    Iaylor. How did you like her?
    Doctor. Ile warrant you within these 3. or 4 daies
    2980Ile make her right againe. You must not from her
    But still preserve her in this way.
    Wooer. I will
    Doc. Lets get her in.
    Wooer. Come sweete wee'l goe to dinner
    2985And then weele play at Cardes.
    Daugh. And shall we kisse too?
    Wooer. A hundred times
    Daugh. And twenty.
    Wooer. I and twenty.
    2990Daugh. And then wee'l sleepe together.
    Doc. Take her offer.
    Wooer. Yes marry will we.
    Daugh. But you shall not hurt me.
    Wooer. I will not sweete.
    2995Daugh. If you doe (Love) ile cry. Florish Exeunt.