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  • Title: Edward III (Quarto 1, 1596)
  • Editor: Sonia Massai

  • Copyright Sonia Massai. This text may be freely used for educational, non-profit purposes; for all other uses contact the Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editor: Sonia Massai
    Not Peer Reviewed

    Edward III (Quarto 1, 1596)

    Edward the third.
    Hath ransomed captiue Fraunce, and set the King,
    The Dolphin and the Peeres at liberty,
    Goe leaue me Ned, and reuell with thy friends. Exit Pr.
    Thy mother is but blacke, and thou like her.
    935Dost put it in my minde how foule she is,
    Goe fetch the Countesse hether in thy hand, Exit Lod.
    And let her chase away these winter clouds,
    For shee giues beautie both to heauen and earth,
    The sin is more to hacke and hew poore men,
    940Then to embrace in an vnlawfull bed,
    The register of all rarieties,
    Since Letherne Adam, till this youngest howre.
    Enter Countesse.
    King. Goe Lodwike, put thy hand into thy purse,
    945Play, spend, giue, ryot, wast, do what thou wilt,
    So thou wilt hence awhile and leaue me heere.
    Now my soules plaiefellow art thou come,
    To speake the more then heauenly word of yea,
    To my obiection in thy beautious loue.
    950Count. My father on his blessing hath commanded.
    King. That thou shalt yeeld to me.
    Coun: I deare my liege, your due.
    King. And that my dearest loue, can be no lesse,
    Then right for right, and render loue for loue.
    955Count: Then wrong for wrong, and endles hate for hate:
    But fith I see your maiestie so bent,
    That my vnwillingnes, my husbands loue,
    Your high estate, nor no respect respected,
    Can be my helpe, but that your mightines:
    960Will ouerbeare and awe these deare regards,
    I bynd my discontent to my content,
    And what I would not, Ile compell I will,
    Prouided that your selfe remoue those lets,
    That stand betweene your highnes loue and mine,
    965King: Name then faire Countesse, and by heauen I will.
    Co: It is their liues that stand betweene our loue.