Internet Shakespeare Editions


Years 1566-1568

Shakespeare's life contemporary events
July 4. John Shakespeare is elected Alderman. Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex is born.
James, future King of England and Scotland, is born.
Oct. 13. Gilbert, fourth child of John and Mary Shakespeare, is christened. Bothwell murders Darnely; Mary, Queen of Scots, marries Bothwell and is forced to abdicate in favour of her thirteen month old son, James.
John Hawkins and Francis Drake voyage to the West Indies.
Richard Burbage, Thomas Campion, and Thomas Nashe are born.
Sept. 4. John Shakespeare is elected High Bailiff of Stratford. The Queen's Players and Worcester's Men play at Stratford.
Mary, Queen of Scots, takes refuge in England.
The "Bishops' Bible" is published.
Roger Ascham dies.