Internet Shakespeare Editions


Years 1609-1611

Shakespeare's life contemporary events
Jan. 28. Troilus and Cressida is entered in Stationers' Register.
May 20. Shakespeare's Sonnets are entered in the Stationers' Register; they are published later that year.
The King's Men perform thirteen plays before the royal family at Whitehall during the Christmas season.
Two editions of Pericles are printed for Henry Gosson.
Troilus and Cressida is printed by George Eld for Bonian and Walley.
Henry Hudson explores the Delaware and Hudson rivers.
The Bermudas are claimed for England by the Virginia Company.
Galileo constructs his telescope.
Shakespeare completes the conveyance of 127 acres of Old Stratford land bought in 1602. Ben Jonson'sThe Alchemist is published.
Thomas Harriot discovers sunspots.
Galileo observes Jupiter's moons.
Hudson discovers Hudson's Bay.
Caravaggio dies.
April 21-29. Simon Forman sees Cymbeline during this period, and records it in his Booke of Plaies.
May 15--Simon Forman sees The Winter's Tale at the Globe.
The third quarto of Pericles is published.
The third quarto of Hamlet is published.
The third quarto of Titus Andronicus is published.
Love's Martyr, containing Shakespeare's poem, "The Phoenix and the Turtle," is reissued as The Anuals of Great Brittaine.
Shakespeare defends his Stratford tithes in Court of Chancery.
The King James Bible is published.
The first Parliament of James I is dissolved.
Chapman's translation of The Iliad is completed.
Henry Hudson dies.