Internet Shakespeare Editions


Years 1593-1594

Shakespeare's life contemporary events
Apr. 18. Shakespeare's Venus and Adonis is recorded in the Stationers' Register. Plays are restrained throughout the year because of plague; the acting companies face hard times.
The Privy Council grants a license to travel to Edward Alleyn of the Lord Admiral's Men, and William Kempe, Thomas Pope, John Heminge, Augustine Phillips, and George Brian of Strange's Men (later the Lord Chamberlain's Men).
The last provincial conference of Puritans is held.
Christopher Marlowe is killed.
The Play of Sir Thomas More is written with contributions possibly from Munday, Chettle, Heywood, Dekker, and Shakespeare.
George Herbert, Isaac Walton, and Poussin are born.
Jan. 24. Philip Henslowe records that Titus Andronicus is performed by Sussex' Men.
Feb. 6. First publication of Titus Andronicus is recorded in the Stationers' Register.
May 2. A performance of The Taming of a Shrew recorded in Henslowe's Diary.
May 9. "The Ravyshement of Lucrece" entered in the Stationers' Register.
Dec. 28. The Comedy of Errors is performed at Gray's Inn.
Titus Andronicus is published anonymously; second publication of Venus and Adonis.
Elizabeth sends troops to France when Spanish troops threaten to occupy the Breton coast; she continues support until 1598, sending about 20,000 English soldiers (half are killed).
Dr. Lopez is executed for attempted assassination of Elizabeth.
York's plot to assassinate Elizabeth revealed, and he is executed.
The first of four years of crop failure and grain shortage.
Essex fails to obtain the post of Attorney-General for Francis Bacon.
Greene's Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay is published.
Marlowe's Edward II is published.
Thomas Kyd and Tintoretto die.