Internet Shakespeare Editions


Years 1563-1565

Shakespeare's life contemporary events
April 30. Margaret Shakespeare is buried. English and Scottish statues against witchcraft.
Plague in London.
Potatoes are introduced to England from America by John Hawkins, slave trader.
Michael Drayton is born.
April 26. Entry of baptism of William, third child of John and Mary Shakespeare, in Holy Trinity Church, Stratford.
John Shakespeare is listed among Stratford capital burgesses, and gives money for relief of plague victims.
Peace of Troyes with France; England renounces claim to Calais for cash settlement.
Puritans persecuted; Gypsies expelled from England.
John Hawkins begins second voyage to the New World.
Christopher Marlowe is born.
Galileo is born.
Michelangelo and John Calvin die.
Mary, Queen of Scots, marries Darnley, and he is declared king.
Hawkins introduces sweet potatoes and tobacco to England.
Francis Meres is born.
Arthur Golding's translation of Ovid is published.