Internet Shakespeare Editions


Years 1616-1619

Shakespeare's life contemporary events
Jan. 25 [?]. Shakespeare's will is drawn up.
Feb. 10. Judith Shakespeare marries Thomas Quiney.
Mar. 12. Thomas and Judith Quiney are excommunicated.
Mar. 25. Shakespeare revises his will.
Mar. 26. Thomas Quiney is in court on charges of having had illicit relations with Margaret Wheeler.
Apr. 23. Shakespeare dies.
Apr. 25. Shakespeare is buried in Holy Trinity Church, Stratford.
Jun. 22. Shakespeare's will is probated by Dr. John Hall in London.
Nov. 23. Shakespeare Quiney, son of Thomas and Judith Quiney, is baptised
The fifth quarto of The Rape of Lucrece is printed.
Raleigh goes in search of El Dorado.
The Collected Folio edition of Jonson's works published, including his plays.
William Baffin discovers Baffin Bay.
Francis Beaumont, Cervantes, Richard Hakluyt, and Philip Henslowe die.
May 8. Shakespeare Quiney is buried.
Susanna and Dr. John Hall occupy New Place.
The ninth quarto of Venus and Adonis is printed.
Ben Jonson is appointed Poet Laureate.
Raleigh reaches Orinoco River mouth.
William Harvey lectures on the circulation of the blood.
Sir Walter Raleigh dies.
Pocahontas dies.
Sir Walter Raleigh dies.
May 20. Pericles is performed in the King's chambers for the royal party and French guests.
The Winter's Tale, Hamlet, and Henry IV, Part Two are performed at court over the Christmas season.
The first negro slaves arrive in Virginia.
The third of Kepler's laws appears in Harmony of the Worlds.
Inigo Jones begins work on a new Palace of Whitehall.