Internet Shakespeare Editions


Years 1582-1585

Shakespeare's life contemporary events
Nov. 27. A marriage license is issued by the Bishop of Worcester to "Willelmum Shaxpere [and] Annam Whateley."
Nov. 28. Fulke Andells and John Richardson of stratford provide £40 bond to permit the marriage of "William Shagspere" and "Anne Hathwey" after only one reading of the banns.
First English colony in Newfoundland.
Plague in London.
Catholic Rheims New Testament published with notes to counteract the various Protestant versions.
Berkeley's Men, and Lord Chandos's men, perform in Stratford. Work is begun on the London Bridge waterworks, to supply the city with water.
Hakluyt's Divers Voyages Touching the Discovery of America is published.
Founding of Edinburgh University (with one professor).
May 26--Susanna, first child of William and Anne Shakespeare, is christened. Galileo discovers the principle of the pendulum.
The companies of the Earls of Oxford, Worcester, and Essex act in Stratford.
Orlando Gibbons is born.
Sir Walter Raleigh discovers Virginia.
Ivan the Terrible dies.
Francis Beaumont is born.
Feb. 2--Hamnet and Judith, twins of William and Anne Shakespeare, are christened. An unnamed company of players is at Stratford.
Thomas Tallis dies.