Internet Shakespeare Editions


Years 1599-1601

Shakespeare's life contemporary events
Feb. 21. Land for the Globe theatre is leased to the Lord Chamberlain's Men; Shakespeare is listed as one of the leading shareholders.
Oct. 6. Shakespeare is named in tax records for owing taxes in St. Helen's Parish, Bishopsgate.
Venus and Adonis is praised by John Weever in his poem "Ad Gulielmum Shakespeare."
Essex is sent to Ireland as Lord Deputy with an army. His efforts fail and he returns to England against Elizabeth's command. He is detained in close custody.
A Council order against publication of satires; some books are publicly burned.
Edmund Spenser dies.
The Chamberlain's Men occupy the Globe Theatre.
The Earl of Essex is arrested.
Oliver Cromwell is born
Aug. 28. Shakespeare's nephew, William Hart, is christened.
Oct. 6. Shakespeare owes 13s. 4d. in tax in Sussex.
Thomas Platter of Basle sees Julius Caesar at the Globe.
The Fortune Theatre is built.
William Kempe dances the morris from London to Norwich.
Charles, future king of England, is born.
Dekker's The Shoemakers' Holiday and Thomas Morley's Ayres (Book I) are published.
The population of England and Ireland is estimated at 5 1/2 million; the population of London and its suburbs reaches about 250,000.
Sept. 8. John Shakespeare is buried in Stratford.
Reference is made to Shakespeare in The Returne from Parnassus (Part 1).
The Earl of Essex leads a revolt against Queen Elizabeth. Essex and the Earl of Southampton are tried: Essex is executed, Southampton reprieved.
Thomas Nashe dies.