Internet Shakespeare Editions


Years 1612-1613

Shakespeare's life contemporary events
Feb. 3. Gilbert Shakespeare is buried at Stratford.
May 11--Shakespeare is a witness in a suit between Belott and Mountjoy. His place of residence is given as Stratford.
Nov. 1--The King's Men perform The Tempest at Court.
Nov. 5--The King's Men perform The Winter's Tale at Court.
The fifth quarto of Richard III is published.
Two Unitarians are burned for heresy, the last executions in England for purely religious beliefs.
The trial and execution of the Lancashire Witches.
Fulke Greville's Life of Sidney is published.
John Webster's The White Devil is published.
Tobacco is planted in Virginia.
Frederick V, elector palatine and future king of Bohemia, arrives in England on Oct. 16 to marry Elizabeth, daughter of James I.
Henry, Prince of Wales, dies; Charles becomes heir to James I.
Samuel Butler is born.
Sir John Harington dies.
Jan. 28. John Combe, a Stratford neighbour, bequeathes Shakespeare £5.
Feb. 14. Richard Shakespeare is buried.
Mar. 10--Shakespeare buys the Blackfriars Gate-house in London.
Mar. 31--Shakespeare and Richard Burbage each receive 44 shillings for an impresa* for the Earl of Rutland's shield.
May 20. The King's Men are paid for performances of six of Shakespeare's plays* during the marriage festivities of Frederick V and princess Elizabeth.
July 15. Susanna Hall sues John Lane for defamation of her character.
Webster'sThe Duchess of Malfi is first performed.
Francis Bacon is appointed Attorney-General.
The Globe theatre burns down during a performance of Henry VIII.
Champlain explores part of the Ottawa River.
Galileo writes a treatise supporting the Copernican system.
Richard Crashaw is born.
Thomas Bodley dies.


  1. An impresea. . .

    . . . is an emblem, accompanied by a motto. In Pericles, the knights competing in the lists each have a sheild with its impresea (2.2).

  2. Plays for a wedding

    Much Ado About Nothing, The Tempest, The Winter's Tale, Henry IV Part 1, Henry IV Part 2, Othello, and Julius Ceasar.