Internet Shakespeare Editions


Years 1572-1574

Shakespeare's life contemporary events
Leicester's men play at Stratford (Shakespeare is 8 years old).
Beginning of the Dutch war for independence from Spain
Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Day.
Drake attacks Spanish harbours in America.
The first Parish Poor Rate is collected to relieve the poor.
Ben Jonson is born. [?]
John Donne is born.
Leicester's men, led by James Burbage, perform in Stratford.
Henry Wriothesley (later third Earl of Southampton, is born Oct. 6.
Caravaggio is born.
Inigo Jones is born.
Drake sees the Pacific Ocean for the first time.
March 11. Richard, seventh child of John and Mary Shakespeare, is christened. Treaty of Bristol between England and Spain.
The first Catholic exiles return to England as missionaries.
James Burbage gets license to open a London theatre.