Internet Shakespeare Editions


Years 1578-1581

Shakespeare's life contemporary events
John Shakespeare mortages his wife's property to raise £40. James VI becomes King of Scotland.
Lyly's Euphues is published.
Apr. 4. Anne Shakespeare is buried. John Fletcher is born.
Stephen Gosson's Schoole of Abuse is published.
Drake "annexes" New Albion (California), for England.
Edmund Spenser'sThe Shephearde's Calendar is published.
John Shakespeare is fined £40 for failing to attend court to provide security against breach of the peace.
May 3. Edmund, eighth child of John and Mary Shakespeare, is christened.
John Shakespeare makes his will.
Drake returns from his circumnavigation of the world.
Earthquake in London.
Montaigne's Essais are published.
The last Miracle Play is performed at Coventry.
Thomas Middleton is born.
John Webster is born.
The musician Robert Johnson is born [?]
Palladio dies.
Elizabeth formally engaged to Duc François d'Anjou
Recusancy laws enacted.
Elizabeth knights Francis Drake.
Sidney writes his Defense of Poesie.