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From the PlayMacbeth
Full NameBanquo
Short NameBan.
DescriptionGeneral of the King's army

Production Appearances

ActorCredited AsProduction
Scott WentworthBanquoMacbeth (2016, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Andy NogaskyBanquoMacbeth (2015, The Acting Company, USA)
Rene Thornton, Jr.BanquoMacbeth (2014, American Shakespeare Center, USA)
Jon CiccarelliBanquoSteampunk Macbeth (2013, Hudson Shakespeare Company)
Darren BridgettBanquoMACBETH (2011, Marin Shakespeare Company, USA)
Bruce RoachBanquoMacbeth (2011, Heart of America Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Bill McCallumBanquoMacbeth (2010, Guthrie Theater, USA)
Brent T. BarnesBanquoMacbeth (2010, Muse of Fire Theatre Company, USA)
Danforth CominsBanquoMacbeth (2009, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, USA)
Roderick GlanvilleBanquoMacbeth (2009, Kaleidoscope Theatre, Canada)
Rex YoungBanquoMacbeth (2009, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Timothy D. StickneyBanquoMacbeth (2009, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Stephen WeitzBanquoMacbeth (2008, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Richard SydenhamBanquoMacbeth (2007, The Bell Shakespeare Company, Australia)
Ryan WinklesBanquoMacbeth Tour (2007, Shakespeare and Company, USA)
Christopher Lynchbanquochamber macbeth (2007, CHAMBERshakespearecompany, Scotland)
James MillerBanquoMacbeth (2006, Saint John Shakespeare Festival, Canada)
Kjetil UldahlBanquoMacbeth (2005, CHAMBERshakespearecompany, France)
Ben WerlingBanquoMacbeth (2005, Illinois Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Rendon RamseyBanquoMacbeth (2005, MET Theatre, USA)
Sean HoyBanquoMacbeth (2004, Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, Canada)
Justin BertiBanquoMacbeth (2004, Rising Sun Theatre, Japan)
Paul Moniz de SaBanquoMacbeth (2004, Bard on the Beach, Canada)
Kjetil UldahlBanquoMacbeth (2004, CHAMBERshakespearecompany, Norway)
Glenn FleshlerBanquoMacbeth (2004, Shakespeare Theatre Company, USA)
Sean ArbuckleBanquoMacbeth (2004, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Tony MolinaBanquoMacbeth (2002, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Michael WilesBanquoMacbeth (2002, Marin Shakespeare Company, USA)
Johnny Lee DavenportBanquoMacbeth (2002, Shakespeare and Company, USA)
Ty SkeltonBanquoMacbeth on Tour (2002, Shakespeare and Company, USA)
Devin UphamBanquoShakespeare's World Cup (2002, Upstart Crow Theatre Group, Canada)
Dan AllarBanquoMacbeth (2001, First Folio Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Kevin CorriganAnthony BanconiScotland, Pa (2001, Billy Morrissette, USA)
Claudio HopeBanquoMacbeth (2000, Theatre Nomad, International)
Louise BarrettBanquoMacbeth (2000, Theatre Nomad, International)
Xolani BlouBanquoMacbeth (2000, Theatre Nomad, International)
Mr. Gerry MackayBanquoMacbeth (1999, Bard on the Beach, Canada)
James FitzGeraldBanquoMacbeth (1999, Nebraska Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Joachim LätschBanquoMacbeth (1999, Staatsschauspiel Dresden, Germany)
Stephen RussellBanquoMacbeth (1999, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Graham McTavishBanquoMacbeth (1997, Brian Blessed, UK)
Darren KeayBanquoThe Martello Tower Hamlet (1997, Shakespeare by the Sea - Halifax, Canada)
John CarrollBanquoMacbeth (1996, Judith Shakespeare Company, USA)
Benedict CampbellBanquoMacbeth (1995, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
David SharpBanquoMacbeth (1994, The Bell Shakespeare Company, Australia)
Rick LongBanquoMacbeth (1994, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Jack WillisBanquoMacbeth (1993, American Repertory Theatre, USA)
Rebecca HallBanquoMacbeth (1993, Theatre Nomad, UK)
Patrick BrennanBanquo (voice)Macbeth (1992, Dave Edwards, International)
John FlandersBanquoMacbeth (1991, Marin Shakespeare Company, USA)
Mark RectorBanquoMacbeth (1990, Nebraska Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Nicholas PennellBanquoMacbeth (1990, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Max DixonBanquoMacbeth (1987, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
David McKnightBanquoMacbeth (1986, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
David McKnightBanquoMacbeth (1986, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Ned SchmidtkeBanquoMacbeth (1983, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Ian HoggBanquoMacbeth (1982, Jack Gold, GB)
Fritz SperbergBanquoMacbeth (1982, Kirk Browning, USA)
Will YorkBanquoMacbeth (1982, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Barry PrimusBanquoMacbeth (1981, Arthur Alan Seidelman, USA)
John WoodvineBanquoMacbeth (1978, Philip Casson, GB)
Lewis Gordon BanquoMacbeth (1978, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Gerry MooreBanquoMacbeth (1971, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Neil DainardBanquoMacbeth (1971, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Martin ShawBanquoMacbeth: Roman Polanski's Film of (1971, Roman Polanski, GB)
John ThawBanquoMacbeth (1970, John Gorrie, GB)
John BarcroftBanquoMacbeth: An Introduction (1969, GB)
Thomas Kirk RedmondBanquoMacbeth (1968, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
James GroutBanquoMacbeth (1966, GB)
George RaganBanquoMacbeth III: The Secret'st Man (1966, John Barnes, USA)
Laird WilliamsonBanquoMacbeth (1965, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA)
William HuttBanquoMacbeth (1962, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Michael HordernBanquoMacbeth (1960, George Schaefer, USA)
George WallBanquoMacbeth (1959, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Minoru ChiakiYoshiaki Miki/BanquoKumonosu-Djo (The Castle of the Spider's Web). [Throne of Blood] (1957, Akira Kurosawa, Japan)
Sidney JamesBankyJoe Macbeth (1955, Ken Hughes, GB)
Staats CotsworthBanquoMacbeth (1954, George Schaefer, USA)
Peter BoyneBanquoMacbeth (1951, Franklin Schaffner, USA)
Gordon PetersBanquoMacbeth (1951, Katherine Stenholm, USA)
Esmond KnightBanquoMacbeth (1949, Anthony Brown, GB)
Edgar BarrierBanquoMacbeth (1948, Orson Welles, USA)
Arthur BurneBanquoMacbeth (1937, GB)

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