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Macbeth (1959, Colorado Shakespeare Festival)

Theater CompanyColorado Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date1959-08-01
End Date1959-08-15
Play ConnectionsMacbeth (performance)
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Cast Overview

MacbethRobert Benson
Lady MacbethShirley S. Cox
DuncanWilliam Fisher
MalcolmFredric De Santis
DonalbainWilliam Monell
BanquoGeorge Wall
MacduffMax Dixon
Lady MacduffMolly Riley
LennoxRichard Marshall
RossEarl McCarroll
AngusEdwin Johnson
CaithnessMichael Montel
FleanceMichael Crouch
SiwardWilliam Fisher
Young SiwardWilliam Monell
WitchLynn Brown
WitchMarianne Fearn
WitchEleanor Harper
SeytonDonald Billett
Macduff's SonNina Fishman
A DoctorLee Roy Hicks
A PorterRalph Symonds
An Old ManMichael Montel
MurdererDavid Burr
MurdererLee Roy Hicks
MurdererCharles Lindemann
ApparitionStephen Crouch
ApparitionWilliam Fisher
ApparitionNina Fishman
Lords, Soldiers, AttendantsDavid Burr
Lords, Soldiers, AttendantsWilliam Elliott
Lords, Soldiers, AttendantsCharles Lauterbach
Lords, Soldiers, AttendantsCharles Lindemann
Lords, Soldiers, AttendantsJohn Rusk
Lords, Soldiers, AttendantsHarmon Tucker
Servant to MacbethColin Sanderson
Servant to MacbethWilliam Stock
A NurseRicky Weiser

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorJ. H. Crouch
Assistant to the DirectorMolly Riley
Costume DesignerInge Schmidt
Fencing CoachCharles Lauterbach
Technical DirectionA. L. Kadlec
Costume AssistantBecky Danforth
Costume AssistantBeulah Lawry
Sound EffectsRicky Weiser
Technical AssistantRichard Bell
Technical AssistantCharles Lauterbach
PrompterDenelda Nelson

Company Overview

Theater Company Colorado Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: Colorado Shakespeare Festival [website]