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Macbeth (2004, Shakespeare Theatre Company)

Theater CompanyShakespeare Theatre Company
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date2004-08-31
End Date2004-10-24
Play ConnectionsMacbeth (performance)
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Cast Overview

MacbethPatrick Page
Lady MacbethKelly McGillis
DuncanTed Van Griethuysen
MalcolmBrandon Demery
DonalbainKip Pierson
BanquoGlenn Fleshler
MacduffAndrew Long
Lady MacduffMichelle Shupe
LennoxGlen Pannell
RossRichard Pelzman
MentiethDavid Emerson Toney
AngusDavid B. Heuvelman
CaithnessChristopher Browne
FleanceSamuel Bednar Schachter
SiwardEdward James Hyland
Young SiwardKip Pierson
Bloody CaptainChristopher Browne
First WitchNaomi Jacobson
Second WitchSarah Marshall
Third WitchJewell Robinson
SeytonMatt Seidman
Young MacduffPeter Vance
DoctorEmery Battis
PorterTed Van Griethuysen
Daughter to MacduffJessica Lynn Floria
Ensemble MemberRandolph Adams
Ensemble MemberTeresa Lim
Ensemble MemberGamal Palmer
Ensemble MemberTyler Pierce
Ensemble MemberKim Stauffer
Ensemble MemberPatrick Tansor
Ensemble MemberJonathan Wiener
Ensemble MemberDerek Wilson

Production Team and Crew Overview

Artistic DirectorMichael Kahn
DirectorMichael Kahn
Associate DirectorJef Hall-Flavin
Resident Assistant DirectorDavid Muse
Costume DesignerLinda Cho
Set DesignerJohn Coyne
Lighting DesignerMichael Chybowski
Composer/Sound DesignerMartin Desjardins
CastingStuart Howard
CastingAmy Schecter
Assistant to the Fight DirectorChristopher Browne
Fight DirectorPaul Dennhardt
Managing DirectorNicholas T. Goldsborough
Stage ManagerM. William Shiner
Assistant Stage ManagerDana DePaul
Resident Vocal and Text ConsultantEllen O'Brien

Company Overview

Theater Company Shakespeare Theatre Company

Production information courtesy of: Shakespeare Theatre Company [website]