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Macbeth (1996, Judith Shakespeare Company)

Theater CompanyJudith Shakespeare Company
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date1996-05-02
End Date1996-05-19
Play ConnectionsMacbeth (performance)
SettingScotland and England. 11th Century
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Cast Overview

MacbethNeil Larson
Lady MacbethKate Konigisor
DuncanJeffrey Shoemaker
MalcolmH. Kevin Opela
DonalbainAngela Tom
BanquoJohn Carroll
MacduffKevin Elden
Lady MacduffAlithea H. Hages
Thane of LennoxKelli Cruz
Thane of RossJoyia D. Bradley
Thane of AngusDon Garrity
Thane of CaithnessCraig Victor
FleanceAri Brand
FleanceJulianna Stevens
SiwardKeith Greer
Second Weird SisterJoy Dixon
First Weird SisterJeanette Horn
Third Weird SisterSarah Thurmond
SeytonKevin Reifel
Son of MacduffAri Brand
Son of MacduffJulianna Stevens
DoctorKevin LeCaon
A SergeantKevin LeCaon
PorterCraig Victor
Old WomanAlithea H. Hages
GentlewomanC. Amanda Maud
Fourth MurdererDon Garrity
First MurdererKeith Greer
Fifth MurdererJeffrey Shoemaker
ServantAngela Tom
MessengerAngela Tom

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorJoanne Zipay
Assistant DirectorKathleen Brant
DramaturgJoanne Zipay
Costume DesignThomas Augustine
Lighting and Special Effects DesignJason Ardizzone-West
Lighting and Special Effects DesignCarolyn Sarkis
Percussion Score ComposerRonny Gotler
Assistant Fight ChoreographerRobin Flanagan
Fight ChoreographyDan O'Driscoll
Stage ManagerLillian K. Minnich
Assistant Stage ManagerJacqueline Noguera
Vocal CoachDonna Germain
Hair and MakeupSusan Corrado
Wardrobe SupervisionEmily Ockenfels
Assistant Costume DesignCarol Sherry
Properties DesignJacqueline Noguera

Company Overview

Theater Company Judith Shakespeare Company

Production information courtesy of: Judith Shakespeare Company [website]