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Macbeth (2004, Rising Sun Theatre)

Theater CompanyRising Sun Theatre
Release LocationsJapan
Start Date2004-09-23
Play ConnectionsMacbeth (performance)
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"Using what he calls his 'Chameleon approach,' Dwayne Lawler has adapted Shakespeare's Macbeth to suit Japanese audiences. Much like a chameleon changes color to adapt to its environment, he has taken the same concept and applied it to the stage. The set is a giant torii (a gate to a Shinto shrine). All the actors wear hakama (skirt-like trousers) and sit in seiza (a formal kneeling position). Lady Macbeth brandishes a wara-ningyo (a Japanese voodoo doll) while chanting Shakespearean verse in a Buddhist style to summon evil spirits and the Three Witches wear hannya (Noh demon masks). He's even thrown in some music from US band Shakespeare In Hell who skillfully set Shakespeare's words to the thrashing rhythms of death metal. The play has been reduced from five acts to two. Macduff has become a major character with the main emphasis on the conflict between him and Macbeth and in an interesting twist, there is a love triangle between Lady Macbeth, Seyton (who is played by a woman) and Macbeth."

Rising Sun Theatre — Added 2008-11-14

Cast Overview

MacbethDwayne Lawler
Lady MacbethAlice Hackett
MalcolmAkihiro Kotabe
BanquoJustin Berti
MacduffDavid Sedgwick
Lady MacduffShirin Laghai
LennoxJohn Rankin
RossTakuya Matsumoto
WitchYorie Akiba
WitchAkihiro Kotabe
WitchShirin Laghai
SeytonYorie Akiba
MurdererAkihiro Kotabe
MurdererJohn Rankin

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorDwayne Lawler
DesignerDwayne Lawler
LightingAyako Uzuki
SoundHiroyuki Yazawa
MusicShakespeare in Hell

Company Overview

Theater Company Rising Sun Theatre

Production information courtesy of: Rising Sun Theatre [website]