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  • Title: Love's Labor's Lost (Quarto 1, 1598)
  • Editor: Timothy Billings

  • Copyright Timothy Billings. This text may be freely used for educational, non-profit purposes; for all other uses contact the Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editor: Timothy Billings
    Not Peer Reviewed

    Love's Labor's Lost (Quarto 1, 1598)

    A pleasant conceited Comedie:

    Dum. A Iudas.
    2550Pedan. Not Iscariot sir.
    Iudas I am, ecliped Machabeus.
    Dum. Iudas Machabeus clipt, is plaine Iudas.
    Bero. A kissing traytour, How art thou proud Iudas?
    Peda. Iudas I am.
    2555Duma. The more shame for you Iudas.
    Peda. What meane you sir?
    Boyet. To make Iudas hang him selfe.
    Pedan. Begin sir, you are my elder.
    Bero. Well folowed, Iudas was hanged on an Flder.
    2560Pedan. I will not be put out of countenance.
    Bero. Because thou hast no face.
    Pedan. What is this?
    Boyet. A Cytterne head.
    Duma. The head of a Bodkin.
    2565Bero. A deaths face in a Ring.
    Long. The face of an olde Roman coyne, scarce seene.
    Boyet. The pummel of Caesars Fauchion.
    Duma. The carud-bone face on a Flaske.
    Bero. Saint Georges halfe cheeke in a Brooch.
    2570Duma. I and in a Brooch of Lead.
    Bero. I and worne in the cappe of a Tooth-drawer:
    And now forward, for we haue put thee in countenance.
    Peda. You haue put me out of countenance.
    Bero. False, we haue giuen thee faces.
    2575Peda. But you haue outfaste them all.
    Bero. And thou weart a Lyon, we would do so.
    Boyet. Therefore as he is, an Asse, let him go:
    And so adue sweete Iude. Nay, Why dost thou stay?
    Duma. For the latter ende of his name.
    2580Bero. For the Asse to the Iude: giue it him. Judas away.
    Peden. This is not generous, not gentle, not humble.
    Boyet. A light for Mounsier Judas, it growes darke, he
    may stumble.
    2585Quee. Alas poore Machabeus, how hath he bin bayted.