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  • Title: Love's Labor's Lost (Quarto 1, 1598)
  • Editor: Timothy Billings

  • Copyright Timothy Billings. This text may be freely used for educational, non-profit purposes; for all other uses contact the Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editor: Timothy Billings
    Not Peer Reviewed

    Love's Labor's Lost (Quarto 1, 1598)

    called Loues Labor's lost.

    Dull. Nor vnderstoode none neither sir.
    Ped. Alone, we will employ thee.
    Dull. Ile make one in a daunce, or so: or I will play on
    1885the Taber to the worthies, and let them dance the hey.
    Peda. Most Dull, honest Dull, to our sport: away. Exeunt.

    Enter the Ladyes.

    Quee. Sweete hartes we shalbe rich ere we depart,
    Yf Fayrings come thus plentifully in.
    1890A Ladie walde about with Diamondes: Looke you, what I
    haue from the louing King.
    Rosa. Madame, came nothing els along with that?
    Quee. Nothing but this: yes as much loue in Rime,
    As would be crambd vp in a sheete of paper
    1895Writ a both sides the leafe, margent and all,
    That he was faine to seale on Cupids name.
    Rosa. That was the way to make his god-head Wax:
    For he hath been fiue thousand yeere a Boy.
    Kath. I and a shrowde vnhappie gallowes too.
    1900Ros. Youle neare be friendes with him, a kild your sister.
    Kath. He made her melancholie, sad, and heauie,
    And so she died: had she bin Light like you, of such a mery
    nimble stiring spirit, she might a bin Grandam ere she died.
    And so may you: For a light hart liues long.
    1905Ros. Whats your darke meaning mouce, of this light word?
    Kath. A light condition in a beautie darke.
    Ros. We neede more light to finde your meaning out.
    Kath. Yole marre the light by taking it in snuffe:
    1910Therefore Ile darkly ende the argument.
    Ros. Looke what you do, you do it still i'th darke.
    Kath. So do not you, for you are a light Wench.
    Ros. In deede I waigh not you, and therefore light.
    Kath. You waigh me not, O thats you care not for me.
    1915Ros. Great reason: for past care, is still past cure.
    Quee. Well bandied both, a set of Wit well played.
    But Rasaline, you haue a Fauour too?
    Who sent it? and what is it?