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  • Title: Galathea (Modern)
  • Editor: David Bevington

  • Copyright David Bevington. This text may be freely used for educational, non-profit purposes; for all other uses contact the Editor.
    Author: John Lyly
    Editor: David Bevington
    Peer Reviewed

    Galathea (Modern)

    [Enter Phillida alone.
    Poor Phillida, curse the time of thy birth and rareness of thy beauty, the unaptness of thy apparel and the untamedness of thy affections. Art thou no sooner in the habit of a boy but thou must be enamored of a boy? What shalt thou do, when 420what best liketh thee most discontenteth thee? Go into the woods, watch the good times, his best moods, and transgress in love a little of thy modesty. I will. -- I dare not. Thou must -- I cannot. Then pine in thine own peevishness. I will not -- I will. Ah, Phillida, do something, nay, anything, rather then live thus! Well, what I will do, myself knows not, but what I ought I know too well. And so I go, resolute either to bewray my love or suffer shame.