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  • Title: Henry VI, Part 3 (Octavo 1, 1595)

  • Copyright Internet Shakespeare Editions. This text may be freely used for educational, non-proift purposes; for all other uses contact the Coordinating Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Not Peer Reviewed

    Henry VI, Part 3 (Octavo 1, 1595)

    2970Alarmes to the battell, Yorke flies, then the chambers be
    discharged. Then enter the king, Cla & Glo. & the rest,
    & make a great shout, and crie, for Yorke, for Yorke, and
    then the Queene is taken, & the prince, & Oxf. & Sum.
    and then sound and enter all againe.
    E4. Edw.
    The Tragedie of Richard D. of
    Edw. Lo here a period of tumultuous broiles,
    Awaie with Oxford to Hames castell straight,
    2975For Summerset off with his guiltie head.
    Awaie I will not heare them speake.
    Oxf. For my part Ile not trouble thee with words.
    Exit Oxford.
    Sum. Nor I, but stoope with patience to my death.
    Exit Sum.
    Edw. Now Edward what satisfaction canst thou make,
    For stirring vp my subiects to rebellion?
    Prin. Speake like a subiect proud ambitious Yorke,
    Suppose that I am now my fathers mouth,
    Resigne thy chaire, and where I stand kneele thou,
    Whilst I propose the selfesame words to thee,
    2995Which traytor thou woudst haue me answere to.
    Queen. Oh that thy father had bin so resolu'd:
    Glo. That you might still haue kept your
    Peticote, and nere haue stolne the
    Breech from Lancaster.
    Prince. Let Aesop fable in a winters night,
    3000His currish Riddles sorts not with this place.
    Glo. By heauen brat Ile plague you for that word.
    Queen. I, thou wast borne to be a plague to men.
    Glo. For Gods sake take awaie this captiue scold.
    Prin Nay take away this skolding Crooktbacke rather,
    Edw. Peace wilfull boy, or I will tame your tongue.
    Cla. Vntuterd lad thou art too malepert.
    Prin. I know my dutie, you are all vndutifull.
    Lasciuious Edward, and thou periurd George,
    3010And thou mishapen Dicke, I tell you all,
    I am your better, traytors as you be.
    Yorke, and Henrie the Sixt.
    Edw. Take that, the litnes of this railer heere.
    Queen. Oh kill me too.
    3020Glo. Marrie and shall.
    Edw. Hold Richard hold, for we haue doone too (much alreadie.
    Glo. Why should she liue to fill the world with words?
    Edw. What doth she swound? make meanes for
    3025Her recouerie?
    Glo. Clarence, excuse me to the king my brother,
    I must to London on a serious matter,
    Ere you come there, you shall heare more newes.
    Cla. About what, prethe tell me?
    3030Glo. The Tower man, the Tower, Ile root them out
    Exit Gloster.
    Queen. Ah Ned, speake to thy mother boy? ah
    Thou canst not speake.
    Traytors, Tyrants, bloudie Homicides,
    They that stabd Caesar shed no bloud at all,
    For he was a man, this in respect a childe,
    And men nere spend then furie on a child,
    Whats worse then tyrant that I maie name,
    You haue no children Deuils, if you had,
    The thought of them would then haue stopt your rage,
    3045But if you euer hope to haue a sonne,
    Looke in his youth to haue him so cut off,
    As Traitors you haue doone this sweet young prince.
    Edw. Awaie, and beare her hence.
    Queen. Naie nere beare me hence, dispatch
    3050Me heere, heere sheath thy sword,
    Ile pardon thee my death. Wilt thou not?
    Then Clarence, doe thou doe it?
    Cla. By Heauen I would not doe thee so much ease.
    The Tragedie of Richard D. of
    Queen. Good Clarence doe, sweet Clarence kill me too.
    Cla. Didst thou not heare me sweare I would not do it?
    3055Queen. I, but thou vsest to forsweare thy selfe,
    Twas sinne before, but now tis charitie.
    Whears the Diuels butcher, hardfauored Richard,
    Richard where art thou? He is not heere,
    Murder is his almes deed, petitioners
    3060For bloud he nere put backe.
    Edw. Awaie I saie, and take her hence perforce.
    Queen. So come to you and yours, as to this prince. Ex.
    Edw. Clarence, whithers Gloster gone?
    3065Cla Marrie my Lord to London, and as I gesse, to
    Make a bloudie supper in the Tower.
    Edw. He is sudden if a thing come in his head.
    Well, discharge the common souldiers with paie
    And thankes, and now let vs towards London,
    3070To see our gentle Queene how shee doth fare,
    For by this I hope shee hath a sonne for vs.
    Exeunt Omnes.