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  • Title: Pericles, Prince of Tyre (Quarto)
  • Editor: Tom Bishop

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    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editor: Tom Bishop
    Not Peer Reviewed

    Pericles, Prince of Tyre (Quarto)

    Pericles Prince of Tyre.
    brought her to Meteline , gainst whose shore ryding , her
    Fortunes brought the mayde aboord vs, where by her
    2265owne most cleere remembrance , shee made knowne her
    selfe my Daughter.
    Th. Voyce and fauour, you are, you are, O royall
    Per. What meanes the mum? shee die's, helpe Gen-
    Ceri. Noble Sir, if you haue tolde Dianaes Altar
    true, this is your wife?
    Per. Reuerent appearer no, I threwe her ouer-boord
    with these verie armes.
    2275Ce. Vpon this coast, I warrant you.
    Pe. T'is most certaine.
    Cer. Looke to the Ladie, O shee's but ouer-joyde,
    Earlie in blustering morne this Ladie was throwne vpon
    this shore.
    2280 I op't the coffin, found there rich Iewells, recoue-
    red her, and plac'ste her heere in Dianaes temple.
    Per. May we see them?
    Cer. Great Sir, they shalbe brought you to my house,
    whither I inuite you, looke Thaisa is recouered.
    2285Th. O let me looke if hee be none of mine, my san-
    ctitie will to my sense bende no licentious eare, but curbe
    it spight of seeing: O my Lord are you not Pericles? like
    him you spake, like him you are, did you not name a tem-
    pest, a birth, and death?
    2290Per. The voyce of dead Thaisa.
    Th. That Thaisa am I, supposed dead and drownd.
    Per. I mortall Dian.
    Th. Now I knowe you better, when wee with teares
    parted Pentapolis, the king my father gaue you such a ring.
    2295Per. This, this, no more, you gods, your present kinde-
    nes makes my past miseries sports, you shall doe well that
    on the touching of her lips I may melt, and no more be