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  • Title: The Adventures of Pericles (Quarto)
  • Editors: Tom Bishop, Andrew Forsberg

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    Author: George Wilkins
    Editors: Tom Bishop, Andrew Forsberg
    Not Peer Reviewed

    The Adventures of Pericles (Quarto)

    Painfull Aduentures
    of Pericles Prince of
    The true History of the Play of Pericles as it was
    lately presented by the worthy and an-
    cient Poet Iohn Gower.
    Printed by T.P. for Nat: Butter.
    To the Right Worshipfull and most woorthy Gentleman Maister Henry Fermor, one of his Maiesties Justices of Peace for the 0.5Countie of Middlesex, health and eternall happinesse.
    Right woorthy Sir, Opinion, that in these daies wil make wise men fooles, and the most fooles (with a little helpe of their owne arrogancie) seeme wise, hath made me 0.10euer feare to throw my selfe vpon the racke of Censure, the which euerie man in this latter Age doth, who is so ouer hardie to put his witte in print. I see Sir, that a good coate with rich trappings gets a gay Asse entraunce in 0.15at a great Gate (and within 'a may stalke freely) when a ragged philosopher with more witte shall be shutte foorth of doores: notwithstanding this I know Sir, that Vertue wants no bases to vpholde her, but her owne kinne. In which certaine assuraunce, 0.20and knowing that your woorthie Selfe, are of that neere alliaunce to the noble house of Goodnesse, that you growe out of one stalke, a poore infant of my braine comes naked vnto you, without other clothing than my loue, and craues your hospitalitie. If you 0.25take this to refuge, her father dooth promise, that with more labored houres he can inheighten your Name and Memorie, and therein shall appeere he will not die ingratefull. Yet thus much hee dares say, in the behalfe of this, somewhat it containeth that 0.30may inuite the choicest eie to reade, nothing heere is sure may breede displeasure to anie. So leauing your spare houres to the recreation thereof, and my boldnesse now submitting it selfe to your censure, not willing to make a great waie to a little house, 0.35I rest
    Most desirous to be held
    all yours,