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  • Title: Pericles, Prince of Tyre (Quarto)
  • Editor: Tom Bishop

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    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editor: Tom Bishop
    Not Peer Reviewed

    Pericles, Prince of Tyre (Quarto)

    The Play of
    I haue togeather with my practize, made famyliar,
    To me and to my ayde, the blest infusions that dwels
    1235In Vegetiues, in Mettals, Stones: and can speake of the
    Disturbances that Nature works, and of her cures;
    which doth giue me a more content in course of true delight
    Then to be thirsty after tottering honour, or
    Tie my pleasure vp in silken Bagges,
    1240To please the Foole and Death.
    2. Gent. Your honour has through Ephesus,
    Poured foorth your charitie, and hundreds call themselues,
    Your Creatures; who by you, haue been restored;
    And not your knowledge, your personall payne,
    1245But euen your Purse still open, hath built Lord Cerimon,
    Such strong renowne, as time shall neuer.

    Enter two or three with a Chist.
    Seru. So, lift there.
    Cer. What's that?
    1250Ser. Sir, euen now did the sea tosse vp vpon our shore
    This Chist; tis of some wracke.
    Cer. Set't downe, let's looke vpon't.
    2.Gent. T'is like a Coffin, sir.
    Cer. What ere it be, t'is woondrous heauie;
    1255Wrench it open straight:
    If the Seas stomacke be orecharg'd with Gold,
    T'is a good constraint of Fortune it belches vpon vs.
    2.Gent. T'is so, my Lord.
    Cer. How close tis caulkt & bottomed, did the sea cast it vp?
    1260Ser. I neuer saw so huge a billow sir, as tost it vpon shore.
    Cer. Wrench it open soft; it smels most sweetly in my sense.
    2.Gent. A delicate Odour.
    Cer. As euer hit my nostrill: so, vp with it.
    Oh you most potent Gods! what's here, a Corse?
    12652.Gent. Most strange.
    Cer. Shrowded in Cloth of state, balmed and entreasured
    with full bagges of Spices, a Pasport to Apollo, perfect mee
    in the Characters: