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  • Title: Richard the Third (Quarto 1, 1597)
  • Editor: Adrian Kiernander

  • Copyright Internet Shakespeare Editions. This text may be freely used for educational, non-proift purposes; for all other uses contact the Coordinating Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editor: Adrian Kiernander
    Peer Reviewed

    Richard the Third (Quarto 1, 1597)

    The Tragedie
    Ile muster vp my friendes and meete your grace,
    Where, and what time, your Maiestie shall please.
    King. I, I, thou wouldest be gone, to ioyne with Richmond,
    3290I will not trust you Sir.
    Dar. Most mightie Soueraigne,
    You haue no cause to hold my friendship doubtfull,
    I neuer was, nor neuer will be false.
    King. Well, go muster men, but heare you, leaue behinde,
    3295Your sonne George Stanlie, looke your faith be firme,
    Or else, his heads assurance is but fraile.
    Dar. So deale with him, as I proue true to you.
    Enter a Messenger.
    3300Mes. My gracious Soueraigne, now in Deuonshire,
    As I by friendes am well aduertised,
    Sir William Courtney, and the haughtie Prelate,
    Bishop of Exceter, his brother there,
    With manie mo confederates, are in armes.
    3305Enter another Messenger.
    Mes. My Liege, in Kent the Guilfordes are in armes,
    And euerie houre more competitors,
    Flocke to their aide, and still their power increaseth.
    Enter another Messenger.
    3310Mes. My Lord, the armie of the Duke of Buckingham.
    He striketh him.
    King. Out on you owles, nothing but songs off death.
    Take that vntill thou bring me better newes.
    3313.1Mes. Your grace mistakes, the newes I bring is good,
    3315My newes is that by sudden floud, and fall of water,
    The Duke of Buckinghams armie is disperst and scattered,
    And he himselfe fled, no man knowes whether.
    King. O I crie you mercie, I did mistake,
    3320Ratcliffe reward him, for the blow I gaue him,
    Hath any well aduised friend giuen out,
    Rewardes for him that brings in Buckingham.
    Mes. Such proclamation hath bene made my liege.
    Enter another Messenger.
    3325Mes. Sir Thomas Louel, and Lord Marques Dorset,
    Tis said my liege, are vp in armes,