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  • Title: Richard the Third (Quarto 1, 1597)
  • Editor: Adrian Kiernander

  • Copyright Internet Shakespeare Editions. This text may be freely used for educational, non-proift purposes; for all other uses contact the Coordinating Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editor: Adrian Kiernander
    Peer Reviewed

    Richard the Third (Quarto 1, 1597)

    of Richard the third.
    805Namely to Hastings, Darby, Buckingham,
    And say it is the Queene and her allies,
    That stirre the King against the Duke my brother.
    Now they beleeue me, and withall whet me,
    To be reuenged on Ryuers, Vaughan, Gray:
    810But then I sigh, and with a piece of scripture,
    Tell them that God bids vs doe good for euill:
    And thus I clothe my naked villany,
    With old odde ends stolne out of holy writ,
    And seeme a Saint when most I play the Diuell:
    But soft here come my executioners. Enter Executioners.
    How now my hardy stout resolued mates,
    Are you now going to dispatch this deede.
    Execu. We are my Lord, and come to haue the warrant,
    820That we may be admitted where he is.
    Glo. It was well thought vpon, I haue it here about me,
    When you haue done repaire to Crosby place;
    But sirs; be sudden in the execution,
    Withall, obdurate, doe not heare him pleade,
    825For Clarence is well spoken, and perhaps,
    May, moue your harts to pitty if you marke him.
    Exec. Tush feare not my Lo: we will not stand to prate,
    Talkers are no good doers be assured:
    We come to vse our hands, and not our tongues.
    830Gl. Your eies drop milstones when fooles eies drop tears,
    I like you lads, about your busines. Exeunt.
    Enter Clarence, Brokenbury.
    Brok. Why lookes your grace so heauily to day?
    Clar. Oh I haue past a miserable night,
    So full of vgly sights, of gastly dreames,
    840That as I am a christian faithfull man,
    I would not spend another such a night,
    Though twere to buy a world of happy daies,
    So full of dismall terror was the time.
    Brok. What was your dreame, I long to heare you tell it.
    845Cla. Me thoughts I was imbarkt for Burgundy,
    And in my company my brother Glocester,
    Who from my cabbine tempted me to walke,