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  • Title: Henry V (Quarto 1, 1600)
  • Editor: James D. Mardock
  • ISBN: 978-1-55058-409-7

    Copyright James D. Mardock. This text may be freely used for educational, non-profit purposes; for all other uses contact the Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editor: James D. Mardock
    Peer Reviewed

    Henry V (Quarto 1, 1600)

    The Chronicle Historie

    Enter the King disguised, to him Pistoll.
    Pist. Ke ve la?
    King. A friend.
    1885Pist. Discus vnto me, art thou Gentleman?
    Or art thou common, base, and popeler?
    King. No sir, I am a Gentleman of a Company.
    Pist. Trailes thou the puissant pike?
    King. Euen so sir. What are you?
    1890Pist. As good a gentleman as the Emperour.
    King. O then thou art better then the King?
    Pist. The kings a bago, and a hart of gold.
    Pist. A lad of life, an impe of fame:
    Of parents good, of fist most valiant:
    I kis his durtie shoe: and from my hart strings
    1895I love the louely bully. What is thy name?
    King. Harry le Roy.
    Pist. Le Roy, a Cornish man:
    Art thou of Cornish crew?
    Kin. No sir, I am a Wealchman.
    Pist. A Wealchman: knowst thou Flewellen?
    1900Kin. I sir, he is my kinsman.
    1905Pist. Art thou his friend?
    1905.1Kin. I sir.
    Pist. Figa for thee then: my name is Pistoll.
    1910Kin. It sorts well with your fiercenesse.
    Pist. Pistoll is my name.
    Exit Pistoll.
    Enter Gower and Flewellen.
    Gour. Captaine Flewellen.
    Flew. In the name of Iesu speake lewer.
    It is the greatest folly in the worell, when the auncient
    Prerogatiues of the warres be not kept.
    1920I warrant you, if you looke into the warres of the Romanes,
    You shall finde no tittle tattle, nor bible bable there: