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  • Title: Henry VI, Part 1 (Folio 1, 1623)

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    Author: William Shakespeare
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    Henry VI, Part 1 (Folio 1, 1623)

    The first Part of Henry the Sixt.
    Alanson. Froysard, a Countreyman of ours, records,
    England all Oliuers and Rowlands breed,
    During the time Edward the third did raigne:
    More truly now may this be verified;
    230For none but Samsons and Goliasses
    It sendeth forth to skirmish: one to tenne?
    Leane raw-bon'd Rascals, who would e're suppose,
    They had such courage and audacitie?
    Charles. Let's leaue this Towne,
    235For they are hayre-brayn'd Slaues,
    And hunger will enforce them to be more eager:
    Of old I know them; rather with their Teeth
    The Walls they'le teare downe, then forsake the Siege.
    Reigneir. I thinke by some odde Gimmors or Deuice
    240Their Armes are set, like Clocks, still to strike on;
    Else ne're could they hold out so as they doe:
    By my consent, wee'le euen let them alone.
    Alanson. Be it so.

    Enter the Bastard of Orleance.

    245 Bastard. Where's the Prince Dolphin? I haue newes
    for him.
    Dolph. Bastard of Orleance, thrice welcome to vs.
    Bast. Me thinks your looks are sad, your chear appal'd.
    Hath the late ouerthrow wrought this offence?
    250Be not dismay'd, for succour is at hand:
    A holy Maid hither with me I bring,
    Which by a Vision sent to her from Heauen,
    Ordayned is to rayse this tedious Siege,
    And driue the English forth the bounds of France:
    255The spirit of deepe Prophecie she hath,
    Exceeding the nine Sibyls of old Rome:
    What's past, and what's to come, she can descry.
    Speake, shall I call her in? beleeue my words,
    For they are certaine, and vnfallible.
    260 Dolph. Goe call her in: but first, to try her skill,
    Reignier stand thou as Dolphin in my place;
    Question her prowdly, let thy Lookes be sterne,
    By this meanes shall we sound what skill she hath.

    Enter Ioane Puzel.
    265 Reigneir. Faire Maid, is't thou wilt doe these won-
    drous feats?
    Puzel. Reignier, is't thou that thinkest to beguile me?
    Where is the Dolphin? Come, come from behinde,
    I know thee well, though neuer seene before.
    270Be not amaz'd, there's nothing hid from me;
    In priuate will I talke with thee apart:
    Stand back you Lords, and giue vs leaue a while.
    Reigneir. She takes vpon her brauely at first dash.
    Puzel. Dolphin, I am by birth a Shepheards Daughter,
    275My wit vntrayn'd in any kind of Art:
    Heauen and our Lady gracious hath it pleas'd
    To shine on my contemptible estate.
    Loe, whilest I wayted on my tender Lambes,
    And to Sunnes parching heat display'd my cheekes,
    280Gods Mother deigned to appeare to me,
    And in a Vision full of Maiestie,
    Will'd me to leaue my base Vocation,
    And free my Countrey from Calamitie:
    Her ayde she promis'd, and assur'd successe.
    285In compleat Glory shee reueal'd her selfe:
    And whereas I was black and swart before,
    With those cleare Rayes, which shee infus'd on me,
    That beautie am I blest with, which you may see.

    Aske me what question thou canst possible,
    290And I will answer vnpremeditated:
    My Courage trie by Combat, if thou dar'st,
    And thou shalt finde that I exceed my Sex.
    Resolue on this, thou shalt be fortunate,
    If thou receiue me for thy Warlike Mate.
    295 Dolph. Thou hast astonisht me with thy high termes:
    Onely this proofe Ile of thy Valour make,
    In single Combat thou shalt buckle with me;
    And if thou vanquishest, thy words are true,
    Otherwise I renounce all confidence.
    300 Puzel. I am prepar'd: here is my keene-edg'd Sword,
    Deckt with fine Flower-de-Luces on each side,
    The which at Touraine, in S. Katherines Church-yard,
    Out of a great deale of old Iron, I chose forth.
    Dolph. Then come a Gods name, I feare no woman.
    305 Puzel. And while I liue, Ile ne're flye from a man.
    Here they fight, and Ioane de Puzel ouercomes.
    Dolph. Stay, stay thy hands, thou art an Amazon,
    And fightest with the Sword of Debora.
    Puzel. Christs Mother helpes me, else I were too
    Dolph. Who e're helps thee, 'tis thou that must help me:
    Impatiently I burne with thy desire,
    My heart and hands thou hast at once subdu'd.
    Excellent Puzel, if thy name be so,
    315Let me thy seruant, and not Soueraigne be,
    'Tis the French Dolphin sueth to thee thus.
    Puzel. I must not yeeld to any rights of Loue,
    For my Profession's sacred from aboue:
    When I haue chased all thy Foes from hence,
    320Then will I thinke vpon a recompence.
    Dolph. Meane time looke gracious on thy prostrate
    Reigneir. My Lord me thinkes is very long in talke.
    Alans. Doubtlesse he shriues this woman to her smock,
    325Else ne're could he so long protract his speech.
    Reigneir. Shall wee disturbe him, since hee keepes no
    Alan. He may meane more then we poor men do know,
    These women are shrewd tempters with their tongues.
    330 Reigneir. My Lord, where are you? what deuise you on?
    Shall we giue o're Orleance, or no?
    Puzel. Why no, I say: distrustfull Recreants,
    Fight till the last gaspe: Ile be your guard.
    Dolph. What shee sayes, Ile confirme: wee'le fight
    335it out.
    Puzel. Assign'd am I to be the English Scourge.
    This night the Siege assuredly Ile rayse:
    Expect Saint Martins Summer, Halcyons dayes,
    Since I haue entred into these Warres.
    340Glory is like a Circle in the Water,
    Which neuer ceaseth to enlarge it selfe,
    Till by broad spreading, it disperse to naught.
    With Henries death, the English Circle ends,
    Dispersed are the glories it included:
    345Now am I like that prowd insulting Ship,
    Which Caesar and his fortune bare at once.
    Dolph. Was Mahomet inspired with a Doue?
    Thou with an Eagle art inspired then.
    Helen, the Mother of Great Constantine,
    350Nor yet S. Philips daughters were like thee.
    Bright Starre of Venus, falne downe on the Earth,
    How may I reuerently worship thee enough?
    Alanson. Leaue off delayes, and let vs rayse the
    Reigneir. Wo-