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  • Title: The Merry Wives of Windsor (Quarto 1, 1602)

  • Copyright Internet Shakespeare Editions. This text may be freely used for educational, non-proift purposes; for all other uses contact the Coordinating Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Not Peer Reviewed

    The Merry Wives of Windsor (Quarto 1, 1602)

    A pleasant Comedie, of
    The feruent loue I beare to young Anne Page,
    And mutally her loue againe to mee:
    But her father still against her choise,
    Doth seeke to marrie her to foolish Slender,
    And in a robe of white this night disguised,
    2360Wherein fat Falstaffe had a mightie scare,
    2380Must Slender take her and carrie her to Catlen,
    2380.1And there vnknowne to any, marrie her.
    Now her mother still against that match,
    And firme for Doctor Cayus, in a robe of red
    By her deuice, the Doctor must steale her thence,
    And she hath giuen consent to goe with him.
    Host. Now which means she to deceiue, father or
    Fen. Both my good Host, to go along with me.
    Now here it rests, that you would procure a priest,
    And tarrie readie at the appointment place,
    2395To giue our harts vnited matrimonie.
    2395.1Host. But how will you come to steale her from(among thẽ
    Fen. That hath sweet Nan and I agreed vpon,
    And by a robe of white, the which she weares,
    With ribones pendant flaring bout her head,
    2395.5I shalbe sure to know her, and conuey her thence,
    And bring her where the priest abides our cõming,
    And by thy furtherance there be married.
    Host. Well, husband your deuice, Ile to the Vicar,
    Bring you the maide, you shall not lacke a Priest.
    Fen. So shall I euermore be bound vnto thee.
    Besides Ile alwaies be thy faithfull friend.
    Exit omnes.
    Enter sir Iohn with a Bucks head vpon him.
    Fal. This is the third time, well Ile venter,
    They say there is good luck in old numbers,
    Ioue transformed himselfe into a bull,