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  • Title: The Merry Wives of Windsor (Quarto 1, 1602)

  • Copyright Internet Shakespeare Editions. This text may be freely used for educational, non-proift purposes; for all other uses contact the Coordinating Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Not Peer Reviewed

    The Merry Wives of Windsor (Quarto 1, 1602)

    the merry wives of windsor.
    Knock I say.
    2230Sim. Sir I should speak with an old woman that
    went vp into his chamber.
    Host. An old woman, the knight may be robbed,
    Ile call bully knight, bully sir Iohn. Speake from thy
    2235Lungs military: it is thine host, thy Ephesian calls.
    Fal. Now mine Host.
    Host. Here is a Bohemian tarter bully, tarries the
    comming downe of the fat woman: Let her descēd
    2240bully, let her descend, my chambers are honorable,
    pah priuasie, fie.
    Fal. Indeed mine host there was afat woman with(me,
    But she is gone.
    2243.1Enter Sir Iohn.
    Sim. Pray sir was it not the wise woman of Brain-
    2245 ford?
    Fal. Marry was it Musselshell, what would you?
    Sim. Marry sir my maister Slender sent me to her,
    To know whether one Nim that hath his chaine,
    Cousoned him of it, or no.
    Fal. I talked with the woman about it.
    Sim. And I pray sir what ses she?
    Fal. Marry she ses the very same man that
    2255Beguiled maister Slender of his chaine,
    Cousoned him of it.
    2270Sim. May I be bolde to tell my maister so sir?
    Fal. I tike, who more bolde.
    Sim. I thanke you sir, I shall make my maister a
    glad man at these tydings, God be with you sir.
    Host. Thou art clarkly sir Iohn, thou art clarkly,
    2275Was there a wise woman with thee?
    Fal. Marry was there mine host, one that taught