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  • Title: Troilus and Cressida (Folio 1, 1623)
  • Editor: William Godshalk
  • ISBN: 1-55058-301-8

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    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editor: William Godshalk
    Peer Reviewed

    Troilus and Cressida (Folio 1, 1623)

    Enter Thersites, Menelaus, and Paris.
    Ther. The Cuckold and the Cuckold maker are at it:
    3480now bull, now dogge, lowe; Paris lowe; now my dou-
    ble hen'd sparrow; lowe Paris, lowe; the bull has the
    game: ware hornes ho?
    Exit Paris and Menelaus.
    Enter Bastard.
    3485Bast. Turne slaue and fight.
    Ther. What art thou?
    Bast. A Bastard Sonne of Priams.
    Ther. I am a Bastard too, I loue Bastards, I am a Ba-
    stard begot, Bastard instructed, Bastard in minde, Bastard
    3490in valour, in euery thing illegitimate: one Beare will not
    bite another, and wherefore should one Bastard? take
    heede, the quarrel's most ominous to vs: if the Sonne of a
    whore fight for a whore, he tempts iudgement: farewell
    3495Bast. The diuell take thee coward. Exeunt.