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  • Title: Rosalind: Euphues' Golden Legacy
  • Editor: David Bevington

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    Author: Thomas Lodge
    Editor: David Bevington
    Not Peer Reviewed

    Rosalind: Euphues' Golden Legacy



    To the Right Honorable and his most esteemed Lord the Lord of Hunsdon, Lord Chamberlain to Her Majesty's Household, and Governor of her town of Berwick, T[homas] Lodge,] Gentleman, wisheth increase of all honorable virtues.

    Such Romans, Right Honorable, as delighted in martial exploits attempted their actions in the honor of Augustus, because he was a patron of soldiers, and Virgil dignified him with his poems as a Maecenas of scholars--both jointly advancing his royalty as a prince warlike and learned. Such as sacrifice to Pallas present her with bays as she is wise and with armor as she is valiant, observing herein that excellent το πρεπον which dedicateth honors according to the perfection of the person. When I entered, Right Honorable, with a deep insight into the consideration of these premises, seeing Your Lordship to be a patron of all martial men and a Maecenas of such as apply themselves to study, wearing with Pallas both the lance and the bay, and aiming with Augustus at the favor of all by the honorable virtues of your mind, being myself first a student and, after falling from books to arms, even vowed in all my thoughts dutifully to affect Your Lordship. Having with Captain Clarke made a voyage to the island of Terceras and the Canaries, to beguile the time with labor I writ this book--rough as hatched in the storms of the ocean and feathered in the surges of many perilous seas. But as it is the work of a soldier and a scholar, I presumed to shroud it under Your Honor's patronage, as one that is the fautor and favorer of all virtuous actions, and whose honorable loves, grown from the general applause of the whole commonwealth for your higher deserts, may keep it from the malice of every bitter tongue. Other reasons more particular, Right Honorable, challenge in me a special affection to Your Lordship, as being a scholar with your two noble sons, Master Edmund Carew and Master Robert Carew, two scions worthy of so honorable a tree, and a tree glorious in such honorable fruit, as also being scholar in the university under that learned and virtuous knight Sir Edward Hoby, when he was Bachelor in Arts, a man as well lettered as well born, and, after the etymology of his name, soaring as high as the wings of knowledge can mount him, happy every way, and the more fortunate as blessed in the honor of so virtuous a lady. Thus, Right Honorable, the duty that I owe to the sons chargeth me that all my affection be placed on the father; for where the branches are so precious, the tree of force must be most excellent. Commanded and emboldened thus with the consideration of these forepast reasons to present my book to Your Lordship, I humbly entreat Your Honor will vouch of my labors, and favor a soldier's and a scholar's pen with your gracious acceptance, who answers in affection what he wants in eloquence--so devoted to your honor as his only desire is to end his life under the favor of so martial and learned a patron.

    Resting thus in hope of Your Lordship's courtesy in deigning the patronage of my work, I cease, wishing you as many honorable fortunes as Your Lordship can desire or I imagine.

    Your Honor's soldier,
    humbly affectionate,
    Thomas Lodge