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  • Title: Pericles, Prince of Tyre (Quarto)
  • Editor: Tom Bishop

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    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editor: Tom Bishop
    Not Peer Reviewed

    Pericles, Prince of Tyre (Quarto)

    Per. Haile Dian, to performe thy iust commaund,
    I here confesse my selfe the King of Tyre,
    Who frighted from my countrey did wed at Pentapolis, the
    faire Thaisa, at Sea in childbed died she, but brought forth a
    2260Mayd child calld Marina whom, O Goddesse wears yet thy
    siluer liuerey, shee at Tharsus was nurst with Cleon, who at
    fourteene yeares he sought to murder, but her better stars
    brought her to Meteline , gainst whose shore ryding , her
    Fortunes brought the mayde aboord vs, where by her
    2265owne most cleere remembrance , shee made knowne her
    selfe my Daughter.
    Th. Voyce and fauour, you are, you are, O royall
    Per. What meanes the mum? shee die's, helpe Gen-
    Ceri. Noble Sir, if you haue tolde Dianaes Altar
    true, this is your wife?
    Per. Reuerent appearer no, I threwe her ouer-boord
    with these verie armes.
    2275Ce. Vpon this coast, I warrant you.
    Pe. T'is most certaine.
    Cer. Looke to the Ladie, O shee's but ouer-joyde,
    Earlie in blustering morne this Ladie was throwne vpon
    this shore.
    2280 I op't the coffin, found there rich Iewells, recoue-
    red her, and plac'ste her heere in Dianaes temple.
    Per. May we see them?
    Cer. Great Sir, they shalbe brought you to my house,
    whither I inuite you, looke Thaisa is recouered.
    2285Th. O let me looke if hee be none of mine, my san-
    ctitie will to my sense bende no licentious eare, but curbe
    it spight of seeing: O my Lord are you not Pericles? like
    him you spake, like him you are, did you not name a tem-
    pest, a birth, and death?
    2290Per. The voyce of dead Thaisa.
    Th. That Thaisa am I, supposed dead and drownd.
    Per. I mortall Dian.
    Th. Now I knowe you better, when wee with teares
    parted Pentapolis, the king my father gaue you such a ring.
    2295Per. This, this, no more, you gods, your present kinde-
    nes makes my past miseries sports, you shall doe well that
    on the touching of her lips I may melt, and no more be
    seene, O come, be buried a second time within these armes.
    Me. My heart leaps to be gone into my mothers bo-
    Per. Looke who kneeles here, flesh of thy flesh Thaisa,
    thy burden at the Sea, and call'd Marina, for she was yeel-
    ded there.
    Th. Blest, and mine owne.
    2305Hell. Hayle Madame, and my Queene.
    Th. I knowe you not.
    Hell. You haue heard mee say when I did flie from
    Tyre, I left behind an ancient substitute, can you remem-
    ber what I call'd the man, I haue nam'd him oft.
    2310Th. T'was Hellicanus then.
    Per. Still confirmation, imbrace him deere Thaisa, this
    is hee, now doe I long to heare how you were found ? how
    possiblie preserued? and who to thanke (besides the gods)
    for this great miracle?
    2315Th. Lord Cerimon, my Lord, this man through whom
    the Gods haue showne their power, that can from first to
    last resolue you.
    Per. Reuerent Syr, the gods can haue no mortall officer
    more like a god then you, will you deliuer how this dead
    2320Queene reliues?
    Cer. I will my Lord, beseech you first, goe with mee
    to my house, where shall be showne you all was found with
    her. How shee came plac'ste heere in the Temple, no
    needfull thing omitted.
    2325Per. Pure Dian blesse thee for thy vision, and will offer
    night oblations to thee Thaisa, this Prince, the faire betro-
    thed of your daughter, shall marrie her at Pentapolis, and
    now this ornament makes mee looke dismall, will I clip to
    forme, and what this fourteene yeeres no razer touch't, to
    2330grace thy marridge-day, Ile beautifie.
    Th. Lord Cerimon hath letters of good credit. Sir,
    my father's dead.
    Per. Heauens make a Starre of him, yet there my
    Queene, wee'le celebrate their Nuptialls, and our selues
    2335will in that kingdome spend our following daies, our sonne
    and daughter shall in Tyrus raigne.
    Lord Cerimon wee doe our longing stay,
    To heare the rest vntolde , Sir lead's the way.
    F I N I S.