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  • Title: Pericles, Prince of Tyre (Quarto)
  • Editor: Tom Bishop

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    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editor: Tom Bishop
    Not Peer Reviewed

    Pericles, Prince of Tyre (Quarto)

    Pericles Prince of Tyre.
    good sea-men to the Saylers, galling his kingly hands ha-
    ling ropes, and clasping to the Mast, endured a sea that al-
    most burst the decke.
    Leon. When was this?
    1480Mari. When I was borne, neuer was waues nor winde
    more violent, and from the ladder tackle, washes off a can-
    uas clymer, ha ses one, wolt out? and with a dropping in-
    dustrie they skip from sterne to sterne , the Boatswaine
    whistles, and the Maister calles and trebles their confusion.
    1485Leon. Come say your prayers.
    Mari. What meane you?
    Leon. If you require a little space for praier, I graunt it,
    pray, but bee not tedious, for the Gods are quicke of eare,
    and I am sworne to do my worke with haste.
    1490Mari. Why will you kill me?
    Leon. To satisfie my Ladie.
    Mari. Why would shee haue mee kild now? as I can re-
    member by my troth, I neuer did her hurt in all my life, I
    neuer spake bad worde, nor did ill turne to anie liuing crea-
    1495ture: Beleeue me law, I neuer killd a Mouse, nor hurt a Fly:
    I trode vpon a worme against my will, but I wept fort. How
    haue I offended, wherein my death might yeeld her anie
    profit, or my life imply her any danger?
    Leon. My Commission is not to reason of the deed, but
    Mari. You will not doo't for all the world I hope: you
    are well fauoured, and your lookes foreshew you haue a
    gentle heart, I saw you latelie when you caught hurt in par-
    ting two that fought: good sooth it shewde well in you, do
    1505so now, your Ladie seekes my life Come, you betweene, and
    saue poore mee the weaker.
    Leon. I am sworne and will dispatch. Enter Pirats.
    Pirat.1. Hold villaine.
    Pira.2. A prize, a prize.
    1510Pirat.3. Halfe part mates, halfe part. Come lets haue
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