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  • Title: John Higgins (Selection)
  • Editor: Andrew Griffin

  • Copyright Queen's Men Editions. This text may be freely used for educational, non-profit purposes; for all other uses contact the Editor.
    Author: John Higgins
    Editor: Andrew Griffin
    Not Peer Reviewed

    John Higgins (Selection)

    Eke at what time he asked of them to have his guard
    To guard his noble grace where so he went;
    They called him "doting fool," all his requests debarred,
    Demanding if with life he were not well content,
    145Then he too late his rigour did repent.
    'Gainst me, my sisters fawning love that knew
    Found flattery false, that seemed so fair in view.
    To make it short, to France he came at last to me,
    And told me how my sisters evil their father used.
    150Then humbly I besought my noble king so free,
    That he would aid my father thus by his abused.
    Who not at all my humble he 'hest refused,
    But sent to every coast of France for aid,
    Whereby King Leir might home be well conveyed.
    155The soldiers gathered from each quarter of the land
    Come at length to know the noble prince's will,
    Who did commit them unto captains every band.
    And I likewise of love and reverent mere goodwill
    Desired my lord, he would not take it ill
    160If I departed for a space withal,
    To take a part, or ease my father's thrall.
    He granted my request, thence we arrived here,
    And of our Britons came to aid likewise his right
    Full many subjects, good and stout that were.
    165By martial feats, and force, by subjects sword and might,
    The British kings were fain to yield to our right,
    Which won, my father well this realm did guide
    Three years in peace, and after that he died.
    Then I was crowned Queen this realm to hold . . .